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We protect your vehicle from Rust and Corrosion

CT Undercoating
CT Undercoating

Undercoating from CT Undercoating a car or truck is one of the best ways to stop corrosion before it starts, Applying automotive undercoating to a vehicle puts a physical barrier between the exposed underbody and all the road debris just waiting to pummel it. That’s important, because road debris goes way beyond litter, It includes magnesium chloride and other chemical compounds used to de-ice asphalt and control dust. Once that stuff gets drawn into your vehicle, it can stick like glue. By the time the corrosion becomes visible, its effects may already be widespread.

Top Benefits of Undercoating

Prevents Rust and Corrosion

Prevents Stone Chips From Festering

Maintains Gas Lines From Rotting

Maintains Structural Integrity of the Frame

Eliminates Squeak and Creaks And Smooths The Hinge And Cable Operation

Penetrates And Lubricates Nuts And Bolts And Eliminates Moisture

Non-toxic And Environmentally Friendly

Vehicle Will Last Longer, And Fewer Repairs

We also Offer Spray On Bedliner Service for your Truck

CT Undercoating
CT Undercoating

How Undercoating Works

At CT Undercoating, we carry the best undercoating for trucks and cars, Here’s how our products work. The undercoating is applied to those surfaces of the car that get most exposure to the road – the frame, under and wheel wells. Because auto undercoating involves treating the most visible and easily accessed areas under the vehicle, no guesswork or complicated equipment is required. This in turn makes the process easy, affordable, and relatively quick.

Special Pricing for Franchise and Independent Dealers

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The benefits of car undercoating are many. Because undercoating for trucks and cars prevents corrosion, it extends the life of the vehicle. It also means you’ll spend more time enjoying it and less time (an money) repairing it. Undercoating also helps reduce road noise, as debris never makes contact with the metal.


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Why would you use an undercoating?

Undercoating is popular because it provides a protective Heavy Duty Undercoating to the entire unibody, wheel wells, suspension, control arms, most bolts and nuts, structural and frame (just to name a few) on a vehicle that experience weathering and damage. Undercoating acts as a barrier against rust, moisture, salt, abrasion and impact damage.

What are the most popular uses?

Most commonly used on a vehicle’s undercarriage, frame, underside of a hood and trunk lid, door skins, floor pans, wheel wells and more. Undercoatings can also be used for other non-automotive applications.

What is the difference between the Undercoating and the Professional Undercoating?

Auto Landmark’s Undercoating is a Heavy Duty but still flexiable (mechanic’s can still work on your vehicle) asphalt-based coating that helps prevent undercarriage damage caused by scratches, rust and weather. Auto Landmark’s Professional Grade Undercoating is a Heavy Duty once in a lifetime application and it is arguably the best product on the market. Undercoating has greater corrosion resistance, dries faster upon application and offers sound deadening benefits.  

Do you do any prep work before applying undercoating?

Before applying, the underbody and frame is power washed as it must be free of any dirt, dust, oil, grease and any contamination that may interfere with adhesion. We remove loose paint, flaking and rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. Remove the wheels, any wheel wells and plastics. For an additional fee, sand blasting is available.  Then we mask off any areas that you do not want coated with Undercoating before spraying the product. We typically cover the brake components and rotors, driveshaft yolks, mufflers and exhausts, etc. The entire exterior of the vehicle is carefully covered and protected.

How long does it take to dry?

The heavy duty undercoating takes 30 mins to dry to touch and usually 24 hours for a full cure. 

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes we do!  With the Professional Lifetime Undercoating Service we offer a lifetime warranty.  The difference is lifetime undercoating vs. some of the other wax or oil based undercoating, ours never it never comes off, if it does, bring it back and we will respray it. Never had a single comeback and we have done over 3000 services. With the Lifetime Undercoating Service, we do a rust prevention step and apply a chemical to seal and stop any current rust from spreading.

Do you offer spray on bed liner?

Yes we do, we apply the best spray on bedliner in the industry! Ask us about our Spray on Bedliner & Undercoating Bundle Special!